Dealing with Large Volumes of Human-Generated Content? We’ve Got You Covered

We build intelligent tools to help you leverage the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to understand content at scale.

We provide a range of Text Analysis, News Analysis, and Natural Language Processing products that make dealing with vast amounts of unstructured data easy.

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Text Analysis API


A Natural Language Processing API for performing a variety of NLP tasks on documents, reviews, social comments, or any other type of text.


Remove the complexity of dealing with textual content by using our Natural Language Processing engine. Deployed on-premise or in the cloud, our Text Analysis API lets you run complex Text Analysis functions with a couple of lines of code.

News API

Natural Language Processing is applied to streams of news data.

Search, stream and analyze news content in real-time. We crawl and index thousands of news sources every day and analyze their content, giving you a live dataset of cleaned-up news data to query.

The Easiest Way to Source, Collect and Understand News Content at Scale

We monitor thousands of news outlets in real-time to give you an enriched and flexible news data feed.


Find the news stories that matter to you with advanced search features


Build real-time and historical feeds of news based on your search


Our NLP models extract over 25 structured data points from every news article

Understanding Content at Scale Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Stay ahead of the curve. Use the power of Machine Learning and NLP to understand content at scale while extracting the data that matters to you.

Advanced Search

  • Keywords & Entities
  • Topics
  • Locations
  • Source
  • Date

Structured Data Extraction

  • Title and body
  • Author and publish date
  • Images and videos
  • Json data feed

Assess Media Reaction

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Coverage monitoring
  • Trend analysis

Trusted Sources

  • High-quality sources
  • Manually curated
  • Updated daily

Advanced Analytics Features

  • Clustering
  • Time series
  • Histograms
  • Trends

Efficient Content Sourcing

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical archive
  • No scraping
  • Reliable content feeds

Process Content

  • Spot spikes in interest
  • Build retrospective reports
  • Extract article summaries

Engagement Metrics

  • Quantify social reach
  • Spot trending stories

Build Intelligent, News-Driven Content Solutions

Bring the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to whatever you’re building – in minutes rather than days.

Media Monitoring Solutions

Risk and Market Analysis Solutions

News Aggregation Apps

Content Discovery Tools

Business Intelligence Solutions

Event Detection Solutions

Text Analysis Platform (TAP)

A Text Analysis platform that simplifies your NLP workflow.

Create production-ready custom NLP models in minutes. TAP manages the complex model building process from start to finish. With TAP you can build, train, deploy, and maintain NLP models from within your browser.

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