Deep weather data and insights help make better, faster decisions

Meteoware delivers personalized, actionable insights to consumers and businesses across the globe by combining the world’s most accurate weather data with industry-leading AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics technologies.

Weather and your business

Our solutions provide users across industries – newscasters, pilots, energy traders, insurance executives, state employees, retail managers, and more – with a deeper understanding of weather’s impact on business. Helping them make faster, smarter decisions to improve safety, reduce costs, increase engagement, and drive revenue.

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Tools and API

Meteoware provides API and plug-and-play tools and interactive content to display powerful weather data on your website to attract more audiences and advertisers.


These location search, current conditions, daily forecast, and hourly forecast widgets display weather on your website in minutes.


This interactive and compelling map-based weather widget keeps visitors safe and informed while increasing time spent on your website.


Widgets powered by the world's best weather data. Hyperlocal accuracy around the globe.

Widgets are only as good as the data behind them, and Rosburn with Meteoware has the most accurate, reliable weather forecasts.

  • We have the richest, highest-resolution, most granular weather data available from radar, real-time flight data, and individual sources such as weather balloons, buoys, and satellites. We also have access to 20,000 personal weather stations across 195 countries and a network of 15 M barometer-equipped smartphones.
  • Our Forecast on Demand model combines the best of research and expertise for ultra-precise results to generate a worldwide forecast grid at 500 M increments or 2.2 B global locations. To generate one forecast, 162 individual forecasts are created from many government and private models.
  • Machine-learning algorithms weigh each forecast’s temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, humidity, and pressure based on geography, time, weather type, and recent forecast accuracy. We then blend all 162 to formulate the single forecast on which tens of millions of people rely.

Increase audience and generate more revenue. Visitors return to your website for daily weather and traffic information.

Strengthen your online brand and provide a valuable service to your visitors by integrating the best-in-class weather content on your website.

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